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Natural ability will only take a talented artist so far but a strong will, determination and production team will help any individual/group move forward and continue to drive their developments and successes.

ALL-TiME MANAGEMENT consists of professional music performers and consultants who specialize in artist development. Check out their newest productions below to get in touch with any questions about



The Brooklyn lyricist was born in the early era of HIP HOP.  EDDiE NiCE, the youngest of two, was raised in a household where music played constantly.  When you couple his upbringing with growing up in a city largely influenced by HIP HOP ELEMENTS, how could EDDiE NiCE not catch and latch onto the culture at hand? His love for HIP HOP is embodied in the soul of this ARTIST which made mastering one element simply, not enough.

EDDiE NiCE can now be classified as an EMCEE and PRODUCER. Through years of transitioning from solo artist-to group member-then back to solo artist, EDDiE NiCE fell in love with the process of ARTIST DEVELOPMENT.  EDDiE found his calling in working with artists to sharpen their skills, maximize their talent and push them to be the best well rounded artists they were truly meant to be.



Florida born and raised, Jamaican-American rapper WaynEZ wasn't introduced to hip-hop until the ripe age of 12. Inspired and in love, he made it his goal to learn all he could about rap as a genre and music as a whole. Writing came with ease and he studies music production with the goal of molding a unique sound to call his own. Now, with a firm grasp on his craft and the tutelage of his predecessors, he ventures forth to share his art with the world in hopes of being counted among the legends of hip-hop.

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